This is Kelly Thompson.  She trains with me online from the French Alps.  Check out her awesome video about our program and what it has done for her.


"I have been working with Mike for four months now and I could not be more impressed how much he cares!  He's clearly knowledgeable and you can tell how passionate he is when you talk to him.  For me, one of the things I like is that he was heavy at one point in his life and understands what it is like.  You can't fake that!  He knows how to push me, taking me out of my comfort zone and having me achieve things I never thought possible!  The only problem is he's states away...I train online.  I could only imagine how incredible he is in person! I would, without hesitation, recommend Mike and RealiZtic Fitness to anyone!"

 - Dawn Nicolosi, N.J.



"When I first started working with Mike in Sept 2016, I had been dealing with chronic tendinitis and joint pain for years from cancer medications. All my surgeries and treatments had left me with a pinched nerve in my shoulder that I'd been doing physical therapy and getting medical (painful!) massages on for over a year. I had reached the point of looking into surgery to just kill the nerve because nothing was working to resolve the pain - I couldn't sleep, I was cranky, and I was tired of hurting. 

Mike watched me move and found the areas I'd been protecting from my treatments and how I'd unconsciously been moving my body  incorrectly for years. The first few months were painful and didn't feel like "working out" but as we targeted specific muscles to strengthen and work on, I realized I had less numbness and pain, better sleep, and I could move again. 

Within 3-4 months, my pain was gone 95% of the time. This is HUGE. And I know now when stress is making the pain flare up and how I can work to resolve it. 

In the meantime, I have been getting stronger all over. I can workout in ways I haven't been able to since I was diagnosed almost seven years ago. I can LIFT. My joints and tendons are less inflamed. I can squat and move and marvel at the definition I'm seeing in my body again. 

Mike is so much more than just a trainer - he is a therapist, a counselor, a friend, and a magician. I have encouraged my husband to work with Mike for his own back issues, and I can't wait for my mom to start seeing him to help after a bad knee replacement. I'm so thankful my friend Jenn introduced me before I scheduled surgery!"

- Dr. Benah J. Parker Gilbert, AZ


I have to admit that when I first walked into Mike's gym... I was a bit hesitant. I thought "uh oh, it's just a guy in his garage" but I told myself I'd give him a fair shot and see what he was about. Boy am I glad I did! Mike is amazing at what he does. He knows what he is doing and has all the right tools to get you exactly the work out you need. He is such a force of motivation as well. But the best part about him and his program is that he can adapt to your needs. If I end up with an injury (usually due to something I did at home, not at the gym 😅) he is able to work around that and still make me feel like I got a full work out. I've been seeing him now for over 6 months and I have no intentions of stopping.


"I've been working with Mike at Realiztic Fitness for a year now. Mike was referred to me by a trusted friend. Originally I started with him because I was in terrible pain from my sciatic nerve. I felt relief almost immediately! After a handful of session, I realized I needed to do more for my over all well-being to make sure my pain stayed away. Like most people, I make excuses as to why I do not work out - it's too expensive, I don't have the time. But the reality is those excuse kept my pain present. Mike is more than a just a trainer, he has become a good friend and motivates me to give my all and to take time for myself. I highly recommend giving him a shot, whether it's for pain management, weight loss or achieving / maintaining your fitness goals."

- Jennifer Roselli 


"At the end of the year, I won three free trials of personal training sessions with Mike. I knew then that I want to get back into working out on a regular basis to 1) get back into shape to keep up with my kids and 2) not hurt so bad (I have a lot of old injuries from my cheerleading days). It has been three months since I started with Mike and I have been feeling better and stronger every day. My goal has been to be consistent with my workouts. I see Mike once a week and he gave me a great workout that I can do from home (he switches it up for me all the time, which is great!). I can honestly say that I have been staying very consistent with working out at home and in the gym with Mike. The other aspect of working out with Mike has been that I have been more consistent with eating healthier. Mike has given me some great tips and he will talk you off the ledge when you really want French Fries loaded sweet pork and BBQ sauce! :) I can't wait to see what the next couple of months bring me!"  

- Heather Chadwick 


"In 2010 I injured my back requiring me to undergo herniated disc surgery. Although the surgery went well, I was left with a weak core and no understanding of how to recondition my body both in strength and mobility. 

I met Mike Raspantini, the owner of Realiztic Fitness, through my wife. He had been her trainer at that time for about 8 months, and I can honestly say I was seeing positive results in her fitness and well being. My work requires me to travel 40 weeks a year, so I did not have the luxury of visiting a trainer everyday and needed someone experienced who could work with me and teach me how to condition myself while traveling. Mike is that guy, hand down! Not only did he dedicate himself for one on one training guidance, he is an amazing teacher on how to perform the exercises and stretches correctly. Because of Mike, I’m able to return to backpacking, one of my favorite outdoor activities. 

I would recommend Mike and Realiztic Fitness to anyone wanting a professional trainer that will help you deliver serious results."  

Shawn Kaul, Gilbert AZ.  


"I owe my accomplishments to my wonderful trainer, Mike Raspantini.  I have been working out with Mike for almost 2 years and his enthusiasm, support, good humor and Jersey attitude is my inspiration to do better, to challenge myself with every session....and going down three sizes helps, too!!!!!   From the very beginning, Mike accommodated my schedule.  I work out at 5 A.M. two mornings a week, 6:00 A.M. on Saturdays, and he will fit me in when I have vacation or a business trip so that I don't lose momentum. I followed Mike from the big box gym he previously worked for and have never looked back. Thanks Mike, for giving new meaning to Sweating to the Oldies(I am living proof)." 

 - Fran Stavros, VP of Marketing at Phoenix Children's Academy


"When I first met Mike Raspantini, I never suspected that he would become not only my trainer, but also my nutrition coach, my cheerleader and a friend.   I have been working with Mike since he opened his fitness studio and I never regretted it.  From the very beginning, he shared my concerns about fitness at my age, health, nutrition, weight, and looks,- all those things women are concerned with.  I always feel supported and validated.  During my individual sessions, workouts are always different, yet  you work all areas of the body.  

Mike asks about aches and pains and then develops a program that addresses those needs, constantly researching and improving his skills. He watches that I maintain my form when we work out and challenges me to increase weights or repetitions.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a trainer, and Mike is the best that I have known. Mike also trains a friend and me together which is a lot of fun. Thank you, Mike for that.  Not only do we have Mike to challenge us, but in turn we support each other.  I am always looking forward to partner training. I have watched Mike grow professionally tremendously in the past five years. He has so many tricks in his bag that I will never get bored with the workouts.  He can change a routine at the spur of the moment when I have troubles with my back.

As a person, Mike Raspantini is patient, is conscientious and accepting, innovative, has a sense of humor, is always positive. Boy! I could give a word for every letter of the alphabet to describe Mike. It has been easy having been in his care for the last five years.  He makes you feel like family, not just a client. I would recommend Mike as a trainer to anyone, whatever your needs, Mike will taylor your program towards meeting your goals." 

- Hanne Hansen  


"I've been training with Mike for a few months now.  I feel more energy and I am able to fit into my old clothes.  He is very knowledgable about health and fitness and does it all with a great sense of humor.  Mike inspires me to succeed and is so motivational that I actually look forward to our training sessions.  He cares about your total well being, everything from nutrition to stretching.  You will never get into a rut because he keeps it interesting by changing up the program and introducing new exercises that continually provide a challenge.  I would highly recommend Mike to anybody that is willing to put a little work into transforming their body!"  

- Shari K.  Gilbert, AZ


"Even though I exercise 6-7 days a week, I was in a slump and needed a jump start.  So I went looking for a personal trainer to motivate and push me.  I got very lucky when I found Mike Raspantini.  With Mike's reliable positive attitude and sense of humor, exercising became fun again.  My main sport is cycling and Mike has helped me focus on improving my balance, strength and endurance.  I can now keep up with the guys much better, which was one of my goals.  Mike is very accommodating and can change my workout on the fly if I have sore muscles or an injury.  He also makes each session unique and fun, doing research to discover new exercises.Mike's group training sessions are the best!  He pushes us, challenges us, but we still have a great time!"  

- Martha Merrick, Program Manager at Motorola


"I go to Michael to lose weight. He’s able to adjust the workouts to accommodate my level of physical fitness so that I continue to make progress. Unlike some trainers, he is serious about tracking progress and holding me accountable for those periods between sessions. He has been able to work with me when my work or personal schedule unexpectedly conflict with the sessions we have scheduled. I continue to go to Mike because I can tell he likes what he’s doing and because he’s as invested in results as I am."

- Carole Marsters