About Mike Raspantini, CPT, PN1

Michael Raspantini's story begins as a young boy growing up in New Jersey, the only son in a big Italian family.

"In my family food meant love and if you didn't eat what you were given it was considered an insult. This often meant many family gatherings with lots of food. Food became a comfort. My weight went up and down as the years passed. I lost big numbers and gained big numbers.  My highest weight topped out at nearly 300 pounds. 

When I first decided to change things, I was young and didn't go about it in the right way. Now, as I have grown and researched things, I realize there are no quick fixes! I have discovered that health, strength, fitness and happiness are a daily journey. I understand that it is not always easy to stick with it, but with the right info you will.  

Your health matters to me!  It may have taken me 25+ years to get to this place but I believe that my own journey makes me the trainer I am.  I GET IT, I CARE and I KNOW how to help!"