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Personal Training

Are you ready to get moving?  We offer affordable packages that get results. With your hard work and the guidance of our experienced trainer and nutrition coach,  getting fit will be fun, energizing and life changing. You will feel stronger, be healthier and love who you see in the mirror.  We offer training in studio or online so it's like having in home personal trainers for a fraction of the cost.

Nutrition Coaching

Fed up with crazy diets and expensive gimmicks? We offer nutrition coaching that is realistic.  We tailor your eating plan to your likes/dislikes, dietary restrictions, and much more.  Our coach is knowledgable and educated and will give you the best plan to ensure your dietary success.  We offer this service online or in studio.

Online Training

I want to work with Coach Mike but I don't live close to his studio.  No worries, because you can get everything right from the comfort of your home with our online program!  Whether it's nutrition coaching, personal training or all of the above, we got you covered.


Health Thru Movement Podcast

In our latest episode we discuss diets.  Keto, Atkins, Paleo, Detox, Macros.. Confused? Don't be! We go into some popular diets and weight loss techniques. We also go behind the mechanics of weight management so you can be better informed when losing weight.


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