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Are you ready to get off the fad diet train? If you're not a fitness pro, stop trying to eat like one. 

With our nutrition packages, you'll receive:

  • Access to Precision Nutrition's exclusive ProCoach Software with your own personal account.
  • step-by-step online program that lets you check in wherever and whenever you want.
  • A structured 12-month curriculum, divided into 2-week habit blocks, based on PN's scientific research and the experiences of 45,000 people (and over 1 million pounds lost).
  • Daily habits and lessons mailed directly to your inbox.
  • A customized quick start guide to kick off the program.
  • Built-in accountability and progress tracking
  • Online support and feedback from me, Coach Mike.
  • Add-on a 60 minute Skype/Facetime/Phone Chat for even more accountability, troubleshooting and tips.  ($30)
  •  After 30 days,if not completely satisfied, you can cancel.  On day 27, you will be contacted by us at the number you have given to see how you like the program so far and if you would like to continue.  If so, you will give us your credit card information and be billed monthly for the next 5 months.  If you cancel before the 5 months are up, you will be charged a $200 cancelation fee to the card on file.  There are no quick fixes!  Change requires time and consistency, so we are here to make that possible.  Trust us you won't be disappointed!

exercise prescription

  • Proven monthly workouts delivered to you via our app or through email.
  • Depending on goal, assessments (weight, body fat, circumference measurements, pics) are measured twice a month through the app or email.
  • Whether at home or in the gym, we cater your workouts around the resources you have available. 
  • It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned Veteran or a beginner, we have the plan for you. 
  • We have prescriptions for body composition, muscle, strength, flexibility and pain relief.  
  • Exercises will be accompanied by videos. 
  • Messages through the app and emails to keep you on track and address any issues that may arise. 
  • 60 minute Skype/Facetime/Phone chat for extra accountability, troubleshooting and tips. 
  • Coach Mike is with you every step of the way!

This is billed monthly.  At the end of your first month, we will contact you to see how you are doing and if you would like to continue.  If so, we will take your credit card info and you will be billed monthly thereafter.  If you wish to cancel, we must receive a written cancelation with that month's payment or you will continue to be billed monthly until you do so.

Precision Nutrition Procoach

Watch this video to see how ProCoach from Precision Nutrition can help you achieve your fitness and diet goals. 

Early cancellation fee $200 on Gold and Nutrition package

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